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2004 Dodge 3500 DRW 4X4 with Rickson 19.5" X 7.5" Black powder coated steel wheels and Hankook DH01 245/70R19.5 tires. Rickson's 19.5" stainless steel trim rings and factory Dodge lug nuts and center caps.

"Here's a pic of the dually in work clothes. The truck and trailer of straw grossed out at approximately 29,000 lbs. This was the first big load hauled with the '04 after installing the 245/70R19.5s. After hauling this load 45 miles I will never go back to 10-ply tires. I was already convinced with the truck empty, but there's no question now. The stability of the truck with the 19.5s is a shock to me. There is no squishiness. Gone is the feeling of herding the truck in a direction. With a side wind the truck and trailer hold a line. For years I've survived 10 plys for applications like the above. Now I feel safe, and can feel confident with the wife pulling a similar load".

- Jeff, Monte Vista, CO