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About Us

As owners of ¾ and one-ton pickups, we were frustrated with the rapid wear and poor handling of our 16" light truck (LT) tires. Plus, when we really loaded up our rigs, we felt that our safety was marginal… at best. As engineers and innovators, we knew there had to be a better answer. Using a commercial-grade tire made sense, but there was no wheel available to put them on our trucks and we didn’t want to use adaptors. We figured that if we wanted better handling, improved tire wear, and a larger safety factor, with a direct bolt-on fit, that others must too. Frustrated at the lack of availability of such a wheel, we set out to produce 17.5" & 19.5" wheels in the correct bolt patterns and hub bores for our trucks, and now, for virtually any application that can benefit from an upgrade to commercial- duty wheels and tires. We are proud of that fact that we manufacture our wheels here in Hunt Valley, Maryland, U.S.A.

Match Mounting & Balancing: History of The Rickson Process

Early in the business, it became obvious that these commercial tires that were initially designed for heavier applications, and which we were now using on lighter (predominately ¾ and one-ton pick-up trucks in the beginning), have a propensity to cause vibration problems due to the higher out-of-round tolerances than those found on the LT tires that the vehicles were originally equipped with. We discovered a relatively new, yet complex piece of equipment on the market from Hunter Engineering Company that was designed to diagnose and fix out of round tire issues. Our management team’s background in mechanical engineering, along with the newly purchased equipment allowed us to develop our unique “match-mounting” process., which allows us to achieve a ride quality equaling or exceeding that of a “new-car” with a tire never intended to give such a smooth ride. Today we have quietly become known in the industry as vibration specialists and we are called upon to match mount & balance wheels and tires for all possible applications.