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"The bitterness of poor quality
remains long after the sweetness
of low price is forgotten."

- Benjamin Franklin

Match Mounting & Balancing by Rickson

Why get your wheels & tires mounted and balanced by us?
Because we offer you our SMOOTH RIDE GUARANTEE.

We guarantee a vibration-free, smooth ride after we match mount & balance your wheel and tire assemblies, using our exclusive Rickson Method.

We know this is particularly important for our customers and us because we are running steel cased, commercial grade tires on our 3/4 & 1-ton trucks. We are not willing to sacrifice ride quality for the upgrade to 19.5s and neither should you.

You can enjoy the same or better than factory ride
with your new 19.5s, and we’re here to prove it!

Here is what a recent customer had to say about their experience with our match mounting and balancing:

When I ordered the larger tires and wheels for my 2005 Silverado I did not appreciate just how much difference the tires and wheels would make when towing and in general use. The first thing I noticed immediately was that the vibration present from new in the truck was completely gone due to the match balancing performed by Rickson using the Hunter Wheel Balancing technology. The vibration existed both in the original tires and in the set of Michelin [LT] truck tires installed after 30,000 miles. Chevrolet told me it was impossible to get the vibration out because it was common in the heavy-duty 3500 series trucks. Chevrolet installed the Rickson wheels at 100,000 miles and were very impressed by the results. When towing, the truck is like a different vehicle. The tires recommended by Rickson improved the handling dramatically. The truck is more stable and I am comfortable towing a 28 foot long enclosed car trailer at speeds above 75 mph. The annual trip to Florida towing a 5 ton boat and trailer from Connecticut will be so much more comfortable thanks to your product.

- Clifford Winkel, President, CDS Services, New Haven, CT

Any Wheel and Tire assembly - EVEN A SQUARE ONE - can be balanced... But if it’s not round, will it roll smoothly?...Of Course NOT!

  Rickson Technicians use the latest state of the art equipment - the Hunter Engineering GSP9700 - A New Concept in Wheel Balancing

Our Road Force Measurement system "road tests" every wheel and tire assembly to identify and solve hidden vibration problems BEFORE they leave our shop...Just like the factory does!

The first step in ensuring a vibration-free ride is making sure that the wheel is properly centered on the machine by duplicating the method that the factory engineers use to center the wheels on your truck. We use specially manufactured centering jigs costing thousands of $$$.

Why do new vehicles ride so smooth on their factory tires, yet almost never ride as nice on replacement tires? Because the Factory "Match Mounts" every wheel and tire assembly!
Didn’t you always wonder what those little green stickers on new trucks were for?

The OEM’s use tire uniformity graders costing hundreds of thousands of $$$ to mark the
"high spot" in the tire (notice the green dot) and "low spot" in the rim. When these are matched up, The the wheel run out cancels out the the tire run out and "forces" the tire to become round. This ensures that your new vehicle rides "factory smooth" on it’s original tires.

Our VIBRATION ELIMINATION SYSTEM solves vibration problems BEFORE your wheels leave our shop

Every tire and every rim is out of round to some extent. We measure the "run out" or out of round of the rim using the data arms and dial indicators built into the machine to mark the low spot. We then use the "load roller" to measure the out of round of the tire. A tire may be out of round or have a "hard spot". Left undetected, either would cause a vibration...We identify and fix these problems.

By matching up the "high" in the tire with the "low" in the rim, we use the run out in the rim to "cancel out" the run out in the tire, thus creating the roundest possible assembly. We even go one step further than the factory by making sure that each wheel and tire "belong together". That is, we make sure that the run outs of each component will cancel each other out. If they won’t, then we either reject the wheel or tire as defective, or re-mount the tire on a different rim.

Next, we perform a precision "Dynamic" (weights on both sides) spin balance. Although we highly recommend dynamic spin balancing of your assemblies for maximum vibration control, we can also provide a "Static" (weights on one side only) balance if you prefer not to have weights on the outside.

As a final step, we add a unique blend of Equal Tire balancing compound into the tire. We’ve worked closely with the Equal Engineers to develop a compound that works in our 19.5" pickup truck applications. This takes up for any imbalance, reacts to smooth out differing loads, and keeps the tire in balance for its entire life.

$95.00 Per Assembly ($380 for a set of 4 and $570 for a set of 6)

This entire Match Mounting & Balancing process, on average, takes up to two hours of manpower per assembly.

Match Mounting and Balancing...Two Entirely Different Processes
Does your shop do all this?...We doubt it!

We work closely with the manufacturers engineers to ensure that our equipment, centering fixtures, and techniques
are the best in the industry - Nobody has a more comprehensive vibration elimination program... NOBODY!