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Dear Rickson...

Your wheels with combined  the H rated 245/70-19.5 Michelin tires are absolutely amazing.  With my camper loaded I had exceeded the load rating of my E rated tires.  I knew the upgrade to your 19.5s would solve that problem but I never anticipated the difference in ride and stability both with my camper on as well as unloaded.  The difference was so noticeable that my wife commented about the improvement on the first turn out of the driveway on our way to the Yukon/Arctic Circle.  That trip threw every type of road condition at us that could be imagined and we never had a problem.  No more squishy side walls on the corners or in the wind.  The truck now handles mountain roads with the camper loaded better than it did unloaded with E rated tires.   I will never again own any truck without your wheels and commercial tires on it.  Thanks for such a great product....  Additionally I was at our local Ford dealer getting my truck serviced and the within 15 seconds of me driving into the service the manager came running out of his office and asked where I got those rims.  I told him and he said he hadn't heard of you but he thought they were awesome and said they sure ought to get rid of that side wall squish.  He was very impressed.   He sure was right about getting rid of the squish.

- Steve, Selah WA

The new wheels are on the truck and they look and ride great. I’m so glad that I found the( Rickson Wheel) in my search for something better. In fact coming from a background of always demanding the strongest and the best I feel I have got just what I demand in a product. My rule is to make everything stronger than you need so the possibility of failure dose not exist. I would like to thank you for your help and for a true Superior Product. I also are sending some photos so you and other customers can see the true Quality of the Rickson Wheel. As you will see there are no issues with a 245/70 R 19.5 tire set on my 3500 SRW Duramax. No adjustment of torsion keys and no clearance problems. A true Great Product…..It would be great honor if you used my pictures and my statement, I really think your future customers would be more able to understand the actual size and strength issues they may have for such a great upgrade for their application. I tried to show in my photos the actual thickness and the quality welds and powder coating that fully met my standards of workmanship…I say again to you and the men in the shop that you all should be proud of the quality of the products you sell….. It’s the true American Workmanship that will save our Country.

- David, Middleburg, FL

We love the wheels & tires…went camping up in the Grand Mesa last week, 6 hour drive for us, truck handled like a completely different vehicle, my wife even drove for a few hours…we carry an AF 1150, a beast of a camper.

- Scott, Colorado Springs, CO

2007 GMC DRW converted to SRW with the help of Rickson 19.5 truck wheels. This is our "shop" truck and the conversion makes it much easier to pick up truck campers that Fred has purchased for the company. He no longer has to carry jack swing out brackets for non-dually campers thus saving time, money and effort.

The truck rides like a dream, even with 4500 pounds of Lance 1181 on the rear!

(sent from company representative at Fredericks)

- Fredericks Unlimited, Paso Robles, CA

I just wanted to let you guys know that everything worked out great with the new wheels and tires.
The ride, handling, and fit of the wheels worked out better than I expected.  I am especially pleased with
the workmanship of the wheels, so give your guys a pat on the back.  I own a machine shop, and I am
very picky about quality.  Your crew does great work.  Thanks for everything!

- Brian, Sutherlin, OR

I Put The Wheels On The Over The Weekend.
Your Guys Did A Great Job Building Of The Wheels Very Little Weights To Balance
I Will Recommend Rickson Wheels To Anyone Looking For A Better Wheel.
I Put 245 X 70 x 19.5 Tires On. This Truck Is 24 Years Old  But It Does Not Drive Like One.

- Murl, Donaldson, AK

I wanted to let you know about a recent experience I had with your steel 19.5" wheels. I haul cars and was driving around 70mph with a full load when a deer jumped out from the median and right in front of my truck. Needless to say; I was not stopping in time. The thud I heard indicated to me that the front of my truck was severely damaged. However, the only damage was to the valve stem and ended up costing ~$10 to fix. I know people that have hit a deer going much slower and had thousands of dollars in damage to their vehicle. Between the rigidity of the load F tires and the strength of your rim this damage was most likely avoided. Your company makes a great product and you have excellent customer service. Keep up the good work!

-Craig, Kittaning, PA

When I ordered the larger tires and wheels for my 2005 Silverado I did not appreciate just how much difference the tires and wheels would make when towing and in general use. The first thing I noticed immediately was that the vibration present from new in the truck was completely gone due to the match balancing performed by Rickson using the Hunter Wheel Balancing technology. The vibration existed both in the original tires and in the set of Michelin [LT] truck tires installed after 30,000 miles. Chevrolet told me it was impossible to get the vibration out because it was common in the heavy-duty 3500 series trucks. Chevrolet installed the Rickson wheels at 100,000 miles and were very impressed by the results. When towing, the truck is like a different vehicle. The tires recommended by Rickson improved the handling dramatically. The truck is more stable and I am comfortable towing a 28 foot long enclosed car trailer at speeds above 75 mph. The annual trip to Florida towing a 5 ton boat and trailer from Connecticut will be so much more comfortable thanks to your product.

- Clifford Winkel, President, CDS Services, New Haven, CT

We received the wheels and tires and they are on the truck.  First, the quality of the wheels and service is first class.  Second, I am exceedingly happy with the change it has made in the ride and handling of the truck.  This goes way beyond my expectations.  I am very pleased. Thank you for your help and outstanding service.

Gary - Berryville, AR

I picked up my new camper this past week. I cannot compliment you enough on the wheels and tires you provided. I could not be happier, or have made a better choice!!! The truck handles flawlessly, despite the nearly 2 tons of equipment on its’ back. I did have a good opportunity to test it out, as I had to travel from Estes Park, Colorado to Salt Lake to get the camper and back. As promised, I have attached a photo of the set up. Again, thanks so much to you and the technicians in your shop for providing such a high quality product.

Sal - Boulder, CO

We received the wheels I ordered on Monday…They were in perfect shape. We installed them and were very pleased with the outcome. The handling of the vehicle was enhanced greater than we expected. The truck has a positive “sports car “feel now when maneuvering corners. Nice and tight. Every thing in this experience has been of high quality. From the technical service to the sales and right down to the product. I am very pleased to have done business with you... Thanks for everything.

Curt - Chicago, IL

The trip I was on took me 3000 km (1800 miles) riding on the new wheels and tires. I am totally happy with the 19.5" upgrade. They run smoothly all the way up to top highway speeds (70 mph on the highways I was on). They would probably be smooth even faster, but I don't care to travel that fast. I'm also conscious of the large rotating mass and am impressed that something that massive rolls so smoothly… I'm totally satisfied with the result, and with knowing that I have a bomb-proof wheel and tire setup. Thanks for your help…

Tom - Bellingham, WA

Here's a pic of the dually in work clothes. The truck and trailer of straw grossed out at approximately 29,000 lbs. This was the first big load hauled with the '04 after installing the 245/70- 19.5s. After hauling this load 45 miles I will never go back to 10 ply tires. I was already convinced with the truck empty, but there's no question now. The stability of the truck with the 19.5s is a shock to me. There is no squishiness. Gone is the feeling of herding the truck in a direction. With a side wind the truck and trailer hold a line. For years I've survived 10 plys for applications like the above. Now I feel safe, and can feel confident with the wife pulling a similar load.

Jeff - Monte Vista, CO

Went camping with the new [Rickson wheels and] tires last week. One word: SWEET!! They were everything I could have dreamed of. No more white-knuckle ride.

Dave - Long Beach, CA

Hi All at Rickson, Just want to say that I love the wheel and tire package that you guys provided for my truck …..The truck rides and handles beautifully. Thanks again.

Sal - Highland, NY

Here are 3 pictures of the truck, before, after and with the load. I must say that the wheels and tires met and exceeded all my expectations! I fully anticipated a major improvement hauling the boat and camper, but never could have imagined the improvement of the ride when not loaded. I would highly recommend your product to anyone. Thanks for your the help!

Dan - Indianapolis

They are really something. The truck rides better, handles better and looks better. I can't wait to get the camper on it… you would not believe the comments that I have had on those wheels. I went down to my Dodge dealer and they went nuts!

Dean - Union, CT

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the wheels and tires. I am amazed at how much the ride quality has improved. It rides like a whole new truck.

Joe - Front Royal, VA

I am so happy.  The wheels arrived… and I put them on in time to drive a few hundred miles to spend Christmas with my in-laws.  The ride was better than I expected.  I did not tell my wife about how they were supposed to be smoother riding on purpose.  After about an hour on the highway she turned to me and said “does the truck seem to be riding smoother with your new wheels.  The truck handled outstandingly well. We went up through the Cascades and back to Auburn and I am impressed.  They handled great on dry pavement, rain, and in the snow….I received positive comments when I stopped at a truck stop for fuel from on over the road driver.  He commented on how nice they looked and asked a bunch of questions about them.  I told him where to get his own set…

Steven - Auburn, CA

I have the wheels on my truck and have put over 1000 miles on them and love them. I have taken my truck deer hunting and my hunting buddies were impressed…Thank you for creating an excellent product. The truck drives better than ever and I'm betting I won't be needing tires for a long time.

Tim - Hugo, MN

I received the wheels last Wednesday, and left for the Grand Canyon on Friday morning with my 48’ gooseneck enclosed trailer.  WOW, what a difference! I am usually very uncomfortable and stressed when towing the trailer. With the Rickson wheels, I was extremely comfortable and pleased with the way the trailer towed and how the truck handled the highway conditions. My 2004 Ford F350 4x4 feels like a new truck, it is difficult to put the improvement into words. They look great too. I could not be happier or more pleased with my purchase …I just cannot believe what a difference the wheels made! My wife and I are now considering trips of 1000+ miles, were before the wheels, I was nervous about getting on the freeways and/or highways. Very happy! Also, the wheels are a huge improvement relative to safety for my family as well as those on the road around us.

Jon - Corona, CA

Folks, Wanted to take a couple seconds and thank you for the fantastic service and equally fantastic wheels and tires... to thank you for all the help, info and service that Rickson gave me…   

The truck looks the part now, and everyone comments on how great it looks.  The ride went from okay, to unbelievable. I was getting to where I thought I had warped rotors in the front end because of the terrible ride I was getting, rotating the tires, rebalancing, nothing was helping.  After a 65 mile drive back home, I couldn't believe it, it was like it was new again.  The ride was straight as an arrow, no vibration all the way up to my normal cruising speed, (won't get into that :-). 

I can't wait for camping season, it will be a joy to tow my fifth wheel without worrying about wearing out a set of tires, and get rid of the soft feeling. I fell in love with my truck all over again after putting this combo on.  It is fun to drive again.

The 19.5s and my F-250 were meant to go together, and I'm telling everyone.

Skip - Mt. Airy, MD

On our first outing last weekend {with our new 19.5” Ricksons} we had very rough roads and gusty winds. Not having to worry about tire failure made for a more pleasant, relaxing vacation. The truck/camper seemed to handle crosswinds better too.

Brian - Lake Havasu, AZ

Over 14,000 miles into Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska with over 2500 miles on gravel roads...absolutely bullet proof as far as flats using 225/70R19.5 tires. Great ride and handling. Really the only way to go.

James - Towanda, PA

The way these tires are wearing so far, they will have more than paid for themselves & the wheels before I wear out the first set. I absolutely love these things. After 3 sets of wheels and 5 sets of tires light duty tires, I finally found something that's the right height & width, and -- much to my surprise -- they stay round and they stay balanced. I get stopped all the time in parking lots by people asking questions and commenting on them. They're usually sorry 'cause I end up talking their leg off praising the benefits.

Kyle - Phoenix, AZ

The 19.5 inch wheels with Michelin H rated tires have been phenomenal. We get some pretty stiff westerly winds in Colorado and Wyoming where we like to go camping year-round. The lateral stability from the 19.5's was noticeable from the first in-town drive and really hit home when I got out in the wide open spaces with a cross wind. There has even been an improvement when we sleep in the camper and it's windy out.

This is a fantastic product for performance and peace of mind when you're carrying this kind of load. Now, I can say I get a better night's sleep on my Rickson wheels. Thanks so much for providing a solution to a problem faced by anybody that carries a truck camper.

Marty - Boulder, CO

Just to say thank you, the wheels look great on my truck. The truck now drives like it's unloaded even when I have my 1030 Lance camper on. I have put over 50,000 miles on this truck with the camper on and my wife never drove it because it was a handful, Now with the 19.5 wheels and tires she will drive it!! I now can get some rest. My fuel mileage has gone up by 1mpg, the truck has no more squirm or wiggle, and big trucks do not bother us at all. The tires go fine on the beach… it will go anywhere that I used to go no problem.

Gary - Middle River, MD

I got the tires and wheels and put them on the truck…Washed the truck up…and I have to say they were a hit. …Comments like "they really fill the wheel wells," "they look like they belong on there," were heard numerous times throughout the day…I am quite impressed with how smooth they make the truck ride. They take any harshness I had on the road right out like the bumps and cracks aren't even there. I was concerned they would make the ride more harsh and am please to say my fears were unfounded. I'm a happy man.

Richard - Lake Luzerne, NY

We just got home from a 3 month - 13,000 mile trip to Canada and Alaska. We couldn't have done it without you. PS. I told my wife that the best thing I did after marrying her was to buy the "Tire Lifting Tool " from you.

Allan - Pearce, AZ

I put the Ricksons on my rig for one purpose only....a cushion in the safety margin of the stock 16" tires vs. the new 19.5". Since my rig hauls a slide-in camper, and is a SRW, the last thing I want to happen is a flat tire when hauling (or anytime for that matter)…

The real world effect is that I don't think they ride any rougher than the stock tires when you air…down…When you load up your rig, air them up…They actually fill with air faster than the stockers due to the lower air volume.

Mike - Medford, OR

… new tires and wheels…from Rickson Truck…I wanted & needed heavier duty tires and this was the only company to fulfill that need….These are 19.5" wheels, with load range G tires. Heavy duty stuff ! ! ! ..and I feel much better… Rickson came thru with flying colors. Great people ! ! !

Larry - Cathedral City, CA

I’m thrilled...Those things look HUGE when you’ve got them in your hands, but on the truck, they look just right. I’m ‘gonna laugh the next time I see a big Ford Super Duty with 16" wheels! The new wheels and tires performed GREAT with that heavy camper! Driving in high winds went from scary to merely interesting. My wife and I had to change our driving style, as we had learned to anticipate how far the rig would lean on turns, and over steer to compensate. Now, we just point it where we want to go. Much less stressful way to drive.

John - CA

I love the look and the new ride. It feels like a new truck again.

Stan - Swansboro, NC

...I can’t say enough good things about them...You will not be disappointed...Lower cruise RPM, better handling, much, much better looks, and greater overall satisfaction with your truck. After you part with the money and the conversion is complete, You will Never, Ever, want to be without them again!

Earl - East Troy, WI

I...would not consider using a truck like I do without them!

Andy - Pueblo, CO

The wheels & tires look TERRIFIC! They are far better proportioned to the size of the truck, and the simulators are just beautiful. Handling is improved greatly. My new truck looks and handles GREAT, and can handle heavy loads more safely. I love ‘em...

Dave - Campbell, CA

I really like them and they wear little. I have 14K miles [on them] and [they’re] virtually brand new!

Michael - Norman, OK

I bought my new Dodge 1-ton dually in January 2001 and upgraded to new 19.5 Rickson steel rims with Yokohama TY303 tires plus simulators a few months later before heading over to Europe, where I've been for the past 10 years, racking up  more than 165,000 miles and still going strong. I cannot recommend this set-up highly enough -  I had the treads re-cut in England to Yokohama's factory specs at 150,000 miles and reckon I'll see 200,000 miles on the odometer, before I need replace them with more of the same.

Absolutely no complaints and plenty of smiles! When you add the stability factor into the mix, the hardest decision is which tire brand? Make sure you get a good wheel balance - it makes all the difference!! Enjoy!! It really is a no-brainer! Once you get over the initial cost of the tires and rims, you'll recognise that it is a long-term solution which will save you big bucks and you'll never go back to stock factory rims and tires again.

My  truck has  been used to haul my Lance1130 series demountable camper as well as a variety of regular towing duties over the years, on and off roads, in all seasons and all weather conditions from Norway and Sweden to Spain and Portugal  over to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France and has never let me down yet. In fact, it's only been quite recently that I have had to replace the original Dodge factory-installed front steering joints, upper and lower ball joints, bushes and track rod ends to meet the annual vehicle inspection regulations in Europe. I reckon that says more about the quality of Rickson truck wheels set-up, which has allowed my front drive train components to achieve an incredible mileage before replacement, when compared with an equivalent truck configuration still fitted with stock 16 inch wheels and tires, which would typically have needed replacing two or three times whilst covering the same mileage.

John - Southampton, England

I thought about doing the conversion to dually for my 97 2500 4 by. I tow heavy and thought the stability would come that way. I first tried air-lift airbags, very nice, but not enough. I added …..adjustable shocks. Huge improvement, but still didn't feel stable enough.

I then added the 19.5 Rickson truck wheels with Bridgestone 245/70s in the M724 all season design. BINGO ! With that beefy 4500 lbs, 14 ply per tire capacity and the other is as stable towing my '38 Sandpiper [bumperpull] 11,000 monster as any dually. Probably more so than one without the suspension upgrades it is safe to say.

Not to dis any Dually trucks, but your 2500 can be made to haul with as much stability with the right mods. With the old 10- ply load E tires I never got more than 22 k miles per set, now I'm at 40 k on the 19.5's and the tread is only half gone or less.....maybe I'll get 100k, then retread them ! Consider not only the stability aspects, but the economy of not buying 6 fast wearing, overburdened tires.

Did I mention it sounds cool too, kinda like a semi with "singin' tires on the lone highway....

David - Anza, CA (Quoted from TDR Forum)

“The Dodge Ram drives smooth as glass with the new wheels and tires. Its even more fun to drive now than it was before!”

Larry Weiner, Performance West on the Dodge display truck: “Cannonball Express”

I have done numerous mods to the numerous diesels that I have had over the years. I must say that after I added your 19.5s I am sold. I will never again own a truck without the 19.5s. I haul a slide-in camper and an 18’ enclosed snowmobile trailer or a 24’ boat trailer, depending on the season. I must say that your 19.5s are the best mod that I have ever done on one of my trucks.

Over the years I have swapped in new engines, axles, air bags, shocks, performance parts, etc. I never would have thought that a tire size could have made such a huge improvement. This truck handles and performs flawlessly with the addition of your product only.

You have saved me thousands of dollars in improvements. This is the first truck that I have owned that I have not felt the need to dump thousands of dollars into getting it to perform and handle like I would expect. Thanks again for all of your help.

Charles - Winnemucca, NV

I just wanted to tell you guys, your awesome wheels are gracing the pages of Diesel Power magazine on page 9 of the current March 2006, volume 2. They are the 19.5 LTS wheels on my 2004 GMC 3500 dually. I have currently racked up over 40,000 miles on those babies!! They look as great as they did the day I bought them! I also wanted to tell you, stellar job on balancing them! The difference was killer!!!

Rich - Carle Place, NY

After losing tread on three 16" rear tires on my Chevy 2500HD I purchased a set of 19.5 wheels & tires from Rickson. After two trips to the west-coast and one to the northeast, all towing a loaded fifth-wh

Fred - Bradenton, FL

I frequently carry loads that exceed 7,000 Lbs. on the rear tires and with the heavier rated rims and tires from you I did not need to order a dual rear wheel truck…on my 2004 Dodge 3500 SRW I now run 245/70R19.5 tires, which has solved my tire capacity problem when towing my the wheel trailer.

Warren - St. George, UT